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First Consumers Financial’s primary asset is our ability to serve. This is the hallmark of our company. For that very reason, we are here for you.


At FCF we take the concept of trust very seriously. You are trusting us to finance your dreams, and we understand how important those dreams are to our clients.


Our vision is to provide everyone in need of viable credit options the opportunity to be served by this company. We put our clients first, every time.

Our company believes in offering flexible loan programs to our customers. This allows us to help customers who have special needs or circumstances that may have prevented them from obtaining financing through the larger, traditional lenders. We take the time to listen to our customer’s credit issues. Many times we can approve their loan after hearing the customer’s situation. And because our branches are a locally operated, we can shake our customer’s hands, while looking their eyes when we approve loans. This helps us approve more loans and assists us in funding loans more quickly.

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FCF specializes in financing personal loans for people who have limited or impaired credit. The First Consumers Financial management team has over 40 years experience in the finance industry. We are committed to providing flexible finance options to our customers.

As a premier loan company, we make various types of loans to our customers. Such loans include: consumer loans, small loans, and loans that you can use to repair your credit. Unlike other companies that offer these types of loans to people with credit issues, FCF takes so much more into account than just your credit history. We’re more interested in your future! Together!

First Consumers Financial is committed
to serving our customers’ financial needs
with a smile. We offer fast and friendly
auto and personal loans at affordable payments.
We put our customers first.

Bob Chedville, CEO First Consumers Financial